Ultra Modern future

The Ultra Modern range has been in its current state for about five years, in that time we’ve added a couple of new packets of minis where easy conversion have presented themselves, but nothing *NEW* since the Regular Russians.

At the time of commissioning the Russians we did intend to add a few Chechen as opponents, but sales up-take on the Russians dissuaded us from doing so. Since that time Russian involvement in the ex-Soviet states has increased, and so have our sales of miniatures, so maybe if we can find enough people interested in advancing this part of the range then we would be willing to look at doing so.

As for the other parts of the ranges, well I’m pretty happy with the way that they stand, the British could do with a new Javelin, anti-tank weapon, but we’ve not been asked for anything US or African for a very long time, so I assume we have it just about covered.

If you have any ideas for new miniatures in this period, just say so in the below and we’ll start to consider it.

These are THE RULES to consider;

soldiers only, no civilians,
historical conflicts, no what-ifs,
real wars, with two equally committed combatants, basically not IDF vs Palestine,
and in theory, we like the conflict to have ended before we start work.