Renaissance update

The TAG Renaissance range is an on going project, so obviously there are a few holes in it, but on this page I'll break down the range into it major parts and point out what we need and what we are working on.

Early Italian Wars

We are almost done here for a short while, we know we need Spanish and Italian Commands, and named Generals at the top of the range, as well as maybe some Spanish mounted arquebusiers, and French Adventure crossbowmen, to round off the period fully.

Tudor – Valois

This is currently where our effort are focused, the English are pretty much complete, the only thing I have been asked for are some dismounted Borders to match the mounted ones we already have, which is a possibility of getting done if enough people shout up about it.

The French for this range are half complete at the time of writing, the pike and arquebus foot are done, and the mounted troops, Gendarmes and Argulets, are on the 'Workbench', which leaves us with some Swiss foot and mounted Commands to finish across the Autumn, hopefully ready to release before Christmas.

Thirty Year War

Our Thirty Years War range is pretty much complete as it stands, in the long term we will return to this period to finish of with some French troops which do look significantly different enough to warrant new miniatures.

British Civil Wars

We aren't really making an ECW range, so consequently the holes here might stand empty for quite a long while. One day it would be nice to add 'English' Command groups and named generals as well as some better equipped foot for the NMA and the King's Oxford foot, but these thing are a long way off…

Eastern Renaissance

We are almost finished here for the armies that we do have, the only thing I've ever been asked for, for any of these armies, are some dismounted Poles, like our Polish cossacks and Lithuanian Tatars, but on foot and a named  General for our Russians and Tatars. In the far distant future we plan to have Persians and Moguls to add to this part of the range.


Which brings me to the two 'elephants in the room' as far as the Renaissance project is concerned… 1) where are we going once the current French miniatures are complete, and 2) what about some landsknechts?

Well the first part is the easy part, because the period currently in pre-production are our miniatures for the Long War, Spanish and Low-Countries troops from 1565 through to the end of the 16th Century, so if you have any opinions of what is need for these armies please contribute below.

As for landsknechts, well it would be impossible to have a Renaissance range without any, but in reality we could do with three different types to cover the 16thC properly, some for the early Italians Wars, some for the mid  Century and some later looking types for the Long War. There are currently lots of mid-century ones  available by other manufactures, which promotes the other two types further up our list, with my preference being for the late ones first, with some early Reiter, and the early ones after, when we consider what we are doing with our German Imperial forces, (Burgundian lancers, German Men at Arms and City militias), but these things are in a state of flux, and your opinions could sway things.

So plenty for us to get our teeth into, and as always your comments are welcomed.